Helft uns und teile diesen Beitrag! Ich wurde auf der Radio Model Show Ozzano dell’Emilia Veranstaltung in Italien ausgeraubt. Sprinter aufgebrochen und viele Gegenstände (Helis, Sender usw…) wurden entwendet. Viele Helis heben sich sehr von dem original optisch ab. Teilen Teilen Teilen

Zitat aus Facebook:
HELP!!!! Bitte schickt dieses Foto um die Welt!!!!
Das sind die letzten Fotos unserer Helis!!!! Igend welche Arschlöcher haben mein Auto aufgebrochen und alle Helis unsere Sender, alles Werkzeug und alle Akkus und Ladegeräte sowie die neue Canon 700 und den Laptop geklaut! !!!! Details folgen morgen!!!!!

Wer etwas zu berichten hat bitte an info@heli-doc-dd.de wenden. Weitere Kontaktinformationen findest du hier

UPDATE: Nach Auffstellung aller fehlenden Gegenstände ist ein Schaden von 30.000 EURO entstanden.


English (used google translator)
Help us and share this post! Heli-doctoral DD (Mario Hauffe) was robbed on the Radio Model Show Ozzano of Emilia event in Italy. Sprinter broken and stolen many items. Many heli stand out from much of the original visual. Share Share Share
Quote from Facebook:
HELP!! Please send this image to the world!!
These are the last photos of our helicopters!! GIVING EFFECT assholes who have broken my car and all our helicopters transmitter, all the tools and all batteries and chargers as well as the new Canon 700 and the laptop stolen! !! Details will follow tomorrow!!

Who has something to report please contact info@heli-doc-dd.de. Further contact information can be found here

UPDATE: According to a list of all missing items from 30,000 EURO damage has occurred.


Italien (used google translator)
Aiutaci e condividere questo post! Heli-dottorato DD (Mario Hauffe) è stato derubato sul Modello Radio Show Ozzano dell’Emilia evento in Italia. Sprinter rotto e rubato molti oggetti. Molti elicottero distinguersi dalla gran parte della visuale originale. Condividi Condividi Condividi

Citazione di Facebook:
AIUTO! Si prega di inviare questa immagine per il mondo!
Queste sono le ultime foto dei nostri elicotteri! DARE EFFETTO stronzi che hanno rotto la mia macchina e tutto il nostro trasmettitore di elicotteri, tutti gli strumenti e di tutte le batterie e caricabatterie, così come la nuova 700 Canon e il laptop rubato! ! Dettagli seguiranno domani!

Chi ha qualcosa da segnalare contattare info@heli-doc-dd.de. Ulteriori informazioni di contatto si possono trovare qui

UPDATE: Dopo tutte le voci mancanti una perdita di 30.000 euro è stato creato.

List of missing Parts
– Goblin 770 Jägermeister Edition with holder for the battery on the frame Special elektronik downside for smoke with a 9V Block
Kontronik Pyro 800/
Kontronik Kosmik 200 HV
3 x Futaba BLS 172 HV
1 x MKS HBL 980 HV
Futaba R 7008 SB Faastest with GPS Multisensor
V-Stabi silverline 5.3 pro
Original Blades by SAB
Special designet Tail-Fin (3 Part) by AHLtec
2 Pics of 2 x 7S SLS APL 5000 mAh on special Goblin Battery tray from AHLtec
– Goblin 700 green with holder for the battery on the frame
Hacker ET 50 with special wire tuning by slowflyworld.de with red ́wires!!!!!!looks out of the canopy
Canopy signet on down site left an right from Bert Kammerer, Stefano Baiardi, Enrico Barnebai and Steffano Ricci with blue Pen
Tail-Boom signet by Reiner Wilke, the Red-Bull BO 105 Pilot
Kontronik Helijive 120 HV with Kontronik 5.5 mm antispark
Special designet Frame from AHLtec
Special designet Tail-Fin from AHLtec ( 3 Part)
3 x JR FBL DS 01
1 x Graupner / JR DS8900
WR HV BEC 14S 10 Amp
V-Stabi silverline 5.3 pro
Rail-Blades 716
Futaba S-Bus R6303 SB
2 Pics of 12S 5000 mAh SLS APL
1 Pic of 2x6S 5000 mAh 40C SLS X-tron
1 Pic of 6 S Zippy 5000
!!!!!All Batterys on Batterytray system from AHLtec
– Goblin 630 yellow
Pyro 700/52 WHO-Edition Nr. 013
Kosmik 200 HV
3 x JR DS 8925 HV
1 x HV MPH 83 SWV
V-Stabi silverline 5.3 pro
Futaba S-Bus R6303 SB
Landing Gear low strong Special designet by AHLtec
2 pics of 2 x 6 S SLS 4000 45C APL on batterytray system from AHLtec
!!!!!!! landing gear in rear are fixed with 3 points for battery tray v 1.0 from AHLtec
The tail boom signet from Reiner Wilke, the Pilot of the Red Bull BO105
The canopy on the Head signet from Bert Kammerer ,Stefano Baiardi and Stefano Ricci

– Goblin 500 new yellow/black design Canopy signet on Head from Bert Kammerer Kontronik Pyro 600/12 with no more red upper site
Kontronik Jive 100 LV
WR HV BEC mini G2
Futaba S-Bus R6303 SB
3 x Graupner HBS 660 MG BB HV
1 x Graupner HBS 770 MG BB HV
V-Stabi silverline 5.3 pro
2 x 6 S 4000 45c SLS APL on original Batterry tray 2 x 6 S 5000 60c
– Black-Silver Makita Box with many different stickers and all my expensiv tools
– New T14SG Transmitter with 2GB Card and 40!!!! Model-Data in german
– Kontronik Prog-disc new update
– Battery checker 1x Align, 2 x Hype
– Blue-Tooth Dongle for V_Stabi with a Black point on the sticker!!!!!!
– Two Lock-Tide STICKS!!!! Blue and red
– Many quality screwdriver in different larges
– Keys for all larges till 10 mm

– Savöx Servobox with Goblin 500 spare parts
– Savöx Servobox with Goblin 700 spare parts
– T 14 SG in a orig. Robbe-Futaba Transmitter Box with stickers from Kontronik and Heli-Doc
– New Canon EOS 700 , with 2x 32GB Card and full with Pictures from a great Event in Ozzano and from the 2.Goblin Meeting Germany
– Big Charching Box with: new Junsi I-Charger 4010, e Fuel 1200 Power Supply, Hyperion EOS 1420i and many Charging cabels with 5.5mm system and many balance boards for all kind of balancing
– NOTE!!! The plus of battery is the bolt of 5.5mm connectors on all batterys !!!!!!!

Heli-Doc-DD – wurde beklaut!!
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